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HONG KONG, Room/B, 19/F, Queen’s Centre, 58-64 Queen’s Road East, Wan Chai

About Us

Qualitative high-performing services and products are at Brands & Fashion complemented by social responsible and durable entrepreneurship, highlighted by the following certificates:

In the shortest possible time, the company earned themselves a strong reputation, and took on a leading role on European level.

Brands & Fashion was founded in 2002 by Mr Dominique De Ketelaere, who already had a ten-year long relevant experience in the European sock market.

Brands & Fashion designs, manufactures and distributes brand socks under licence.

With our own in-house teams for design and quality control, international production units and a finely-woven logistic network for Western and Eastern Europe, we are as Belgian enterprise a European top player. Thanks to the vertical integration, Brands & Fashion controls the manufacturing process from A to Z, and we guarantee top quality at competitive prices to our clients all over the world.

The Brands & Fashion team can boast more than 25 years of experience and sticks closely to the footpaths of every fashion and market evolution. Based upon our professional knowledge, we advise our customers when drafting their collections and attune them to the desires, measurements and sizes of their local or international market.